Our Mission is to be a host to business owners who are passionate about what they create and to provide our customers with a broad assortment of quality, ever changing inventory.

The only thing that stays the same is the quality of our goods and our friendly service!


Owners: As previous vendors, Angie and Krystal bought Poppy Lane in July 2018.

Angie Hendrickson is a once again upcycled furniture & home décor, store owner. She was co-owner of Avenue 7, which once resided in Palmer, Alaska. She has a deep rooted passion for shopping and finding once treasured items, giving them new life, and then the chance to be treasured again. Angie is a devoted Mother to 11 children, including 2 sets of twins and is a proud Grandmother to 5 beautiful grandchildren. She thrives in personal relationships and will often be found leading her customers around Poppy Lane, showing them the latest and greatest merchandise.

Krystal Erickson found herself surprised to be co-owner of Poppy Lane Mercantile, but as the opportunity arose, she jumped in with both feet and has loved every minute of it. Also a massage practitioner, Krystal has a true desire to help others along their path to wellness, happiness and success. She happily accepts the challenges of helping to run Poppy Lane, and she aspires to maintian balance with her busy lifestyle, as a business owner and mother to 7 young children.